It’s My Party!

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July 24, 2007 — A Mars-Neptune aspect on your birthday will boost your imagination and help you to find ways to channel your ideas in profitable directions. But it may also lead to jealousy from colleagues who do not possess your creative touch. Bring others into your plans if you can but make sure they know who is the boss! – NY Post

If it’s your birthday
Happy birthday, Leo! Your heart of gold and a willingness to help people in need shows that your interest in them is more than superficial. However, this year, there’s a need for focus and attention to be brought back to your own life. Many changes, particularly at a structural level, are being made throughout the year. Distractions can take you off on tangents, and that’s not advisable. – The Daily News

Leo July 23 – August 22
For Tuesday, July 24 -An ex is back on the scene, and you might feel your heart singing a familiar tune. Be careful — even if you feel more romantic about them than you ever did before, it could be hope or idealism that is guiding your feelings. Give yourself time to get used to them being back on the scene, and do not make any attempt to spend more time with them in a planned way. If you see them again, you see them again. Don’t try to steer this thing — it won’t go where you want it to. – The Washington Post

Your Birthday Today
You’ve often said that you’d trade everything in your life for another chance at happiness. Sadly, few have expressed interest in your complete collection of Doctor Who figurines thus far. Passion will enter your life this week, stop momentarily to regain its bearings, curse two to three times underneath its breath, and slowly inch its way back out the door. – The Onion


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“wax on/ wax off!” – it ain’t just for macchio What Happens When He’s Still a “Frog”?

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