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Back from the Chill

Hellooooooooooo! It’s been a bit of a bit but thankfully my girl Jackass has held it down recently.
I had to spend some weeks getting moved and settled in, get oriented at school, start classes, make friends, and adjust to the COLD ASS CITY THAT IS BOSTON.

What’s that you say? “Duh, Brown Baby, it’s cold up there.” Ha, no no dear reader, I’m not referring to the dropping temps I expect to endure as the weeks progress.

No, I’m referring to the fact that Bostonians are some rude ass bitches who are cold as ice. That’s right, I said it. Actually this is no big surprise either, so I’ve been told. Still, it must be said. I’m originally from the city/town of Washington, D.C. which also proudly carries itself with traditional southern hospitality. And NYC, which has the (wrong) reputation of being the epitome of rude, is actually full of amazing, polite, and warm city-folk. What’s noteworthy about NYC is that just as much as one is likely to come across the greatest hospitality and helpfulness, politeness and respectability, one is just as likely to come across a rude ass bitch…who also may be a little scary but thats neither here nor there. And, to be fair, if you had a gazillion annoying tourists walking with their heads tilted 45 degrees upward while their ratty ass kids trip you up on your way to work, you’d be pretty foul too; so it’s actually pretty great that New Yorkers remain among the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of living with.

And then there’s Boston, where you can hold a door open for someone and she’ll not only NOT give you the obligatory thankful nanosecond-long nod of thankful acknowledgement, she’ll give you the (until now, unknown) cocked-eyebrow sideways “that’s right, you held the door” look; or, secret door #3, no look at all. Maybe I’m being picky but it’s the little things you take for granted until all of a sudden they’re gone – the little polite things you experience every day.

Since my new residency, I have been ignored for minutes while simply trying to get directions, been ignored and yelled at by the T conductors, been shoved, been ignored while waiting to be seated at a restaurant, frowned at, ignored while waiting in line, ignored, ignored, ignored. The level of snootiness is very odd for a town who’s only claim to fame is Harvard University where only a minority of the actual residents actually attend.

Harvard itself is quite NOT snooty and within its confines, I’ve faced nothing but warmth to the point of nurturing. But step outside those iron gates, and it’s cold cold cold.

Other New England points of note TK:

The T

The insane drivers and the insane non-grid traffic system they go by

The hell that is living across the street from freshman dorms

Harvard freshman

Clueless cab drivers

The T not running after midnight

12:30am last call

….and cover charges? o hell no.



September 30, 2006 at 11:52 pm 3 comments

Open Letter to the Boy I drunk dialed last night

Dear Boy:

I drunk dialed you. And texted you.

I ran into an ex – at a bar, surrounded by 20 people who kinda knew, and kinda were watching me, watching him, watching how our first awkward run in would play out. It can make a girl feel a little needy. A few beers later, a platonic congratulatory handshake later, it can make a girl feel very needy.

So, you know, I texted sweet little things, and called hoping for a little face time with your sweet ass – and can you blame me for trying? It is, afterall, a sweet ass.

Please don’t judge – it just means that I like you. Next time I’ll give you flowers instead.

Drunk Dialer

September 29, 2006 at 12:25 pm 3 comments

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