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My Life’s Ambition

So while I’ve been enjoying la dolce vita off of the state of New York, I have had a bit of cabin fever and missing interacting with people. Yes, I go out, I see new things and all that crap but like everything else, shit gets old. So I decided to look for a non-demanding part-time job doing something I’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance.

Well, success! As of today, I am a part-time bookseller at Brownstone Books, a lovely local bookshop just 3 blocks from my place. The owner, Crystal, is a lovely woman looking to have a strong core in black books but wants to expand to carrying all sorts of titles and authors. She has an established customer set but the more the merrier so come on down and show her (and newly employed moi!) some love.

Sigh, it’s what I’ve always wanted. To have a job where I barely exert myself…

…But onto another matter. While I’ve been living la dolce vita, I’ve had a lot of time to take serious note of what the world has to offer those of us at home more often than not.

Here’s the tally:

Talk shows in the morning/ Judge shows in the afternoon
Life insurance
Prescription drug deals
Divorce, bankruptcy, car accidents and, of course, lead poisoning and cerebral palsy

An ITT Tech degree in air conditioning repair or somesuch
Jokes, horoscopes or *hot* messages texted to your phone
A phone call for when you’re *lonely*

These are the things that people assume those of us at home during the day and those of us up late at night are concerned with. These companies clearly think if you’re at home during the day, then you must be old, old and broke, or old, broke and decrepid; or you’re unemployed because you’ve been hit by a car and need a quick cheap lawyer and/or you’re sitting in front of the television while your kid eats the lead chips off the windowsill. Going by the talk and judge shows, I guess all of us need advice on how to sue that ex-roomie/boyfriend/spouse/family member for that $300 used to bail him/her out that crazy night and/or to figure out how to get the three guys you slept with to come with you to get a free DNA test on national television (“You are NOT the father!”).

What I especially love is that most of the ITT Tech get-your-degree-in-window-repair commercials don’t come on in the day when most of your unemployed would most likely be at home. No, these ads come on almost always after midnight snugged between an ad for a Tempurpedic (because if you’re up this late, it’s because you’re mattress is so shitty you can’t sleep) and an ad with a girl enticing you to “just pick up the phone and call” her. I guess these folks are thinking if you’re unemployed and looking for a job (which is just what some of these degree commercials say e.g. “Are you unemployed and looking for a job?”), you must be wired at night, losing sleep over your tragic fate. And on top of that, you’re horny as hell and your bed is on its last spring.

Broke, horny, shitty living. That was me when I had a job.


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