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Just some ponderings….

…do you ever have like a moment when you feel really accomplished or good or like the shit and all of a sudden you wanna sing “bacardi ..and cola..they get the job done!”

…and am i the only one who still has no idea what the boy screamed at the end of “The Neverending Story” when he had to give the empress a name?

….i wanna work at the office in the Nextel commercial where the white guys are dancing in slow motion to Salt N Pepa.


January 31, 2006 at 4:09 pm 2 comments


feel to free to add your own …..

1. what the fuck, don’t fucking saunter to the damn doors, we’re all here waiting for your confused slow ass!

2. Let me off!

3. Hey, stop! There’s someone behind your blind ass, back up!

1. (on the platform) Where the fuck is the train. Jesus, I hate the fuckin’ trains.
(fifteen minutes later) I’m gonna kill someone. When the train comes, I’m gonna flip off the driver, I swear to god! Fuck the strike, where the hell is the train, it’s rush hour for god’s sake!

2. (on the train) Can you get the fuck from in front of the door so I can get on please? Yeah, I’m lookin at you.

3. Why aren’t we moving? What the fuck. I hate the fuckin’ train so much.

4. So what’s my excuse for being late gonna be today?

5. She doesn’t look that old, I’m not getting up. I just sat my ass down.

6. O shit, where’s my wallet?

7. Damn, why’s the conductor so loud, I can’t even hear my iPod, why she hollerin’?

8. Ok, I can’t understand a word the conductor just said. Why are we stopped?

9. One day, I’m gonna call Dr. Zizmor…

10. (off the train) LET ME OFF motherfuckers!

1. Motherfuckin’ tourist, I’m gonna kill one of your ratty ass kids if you don’t stop staring at the big Red Lobster and get from the middle of the goddamn sidewalk and let me pass through.

2. I know she’s cold, it’s not cute.

1. fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck….

January 27, 2006 at 4:37 pm 3 comments


This chick actually seems pretty cool but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out the extreme WTF action going on on her lips. Maybe bright pink lipstick wasn’t the best color, those sores are hard to cover up!

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I keeps it…

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January 21, 2006 at 11:54 pm 1 comment

"..and when he get on, he’ll leave yo’ ass ‘fo a white gurl"

A Moment At Work

4:55 PM
black male friend: i need some godamn poontang, this celibacy thing is a bitch.
me: ew
black male friend: no im serious, i want some pussy.
me: then get some
bmf: like i wanna fuck a white girl
me: wtf?!
bmf: i dunno. i need some white pussy
me: u r seriously fucked up
bmf: they are easy and submissive
bmf: what?

– 20 minutes later –

me: your comment, man….i’m puttin’ that up, but don’t worry, not your name.
bmf: where??
me: my blog
bmf: yay! i made it
me: what?
donald: no put my name
me: o my god.

January 20, 2006 at 10:00 pm 3 comments

I have 6 rings on my cock

Is there just some requirement to find the most insane person in NYC for the Look Book? He hasn’t bathed, his clothing can be found on nearly anyone below 8th street and his eyeshadow is meant to remind him of “yesterday.” Who the fuck’s paying thousands of dollars for his work?

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Spare the rod….

So today, Cesar Rodriguez admits to the beating and killing of his stepdaughter, 7-year-old Nixmary Brown. One has to be a little taken aback that he’s willing to open up publicly and, frankly, i was initially a little impressed. Until i heard him say he wanted to give “his side” of the story. What side of a story do you have for not spanking, but beating up a 34-pound girl??? He called her “mischievous”, “stubborn” and “disobedient.” He said she cut her siblings hair, broke things, stole and attacked her siblings. So far, this sounds like typical behavior of a 7-year-old, the latter especially sounds like that of an already abused or neglected child. Considering allegations that Rodriguez molested her as well, the behavior is nearly textbook. Rodriguez called her “a handful” and mentioned asking ACS for help as well as wanting to send the child to live with her grandmother. Both times, he was faced with objection. So once again, ACS failed a child and her obviously disturbed and out-of-control guardian.

It’s too easy to rant on the clearly disturbing comments of a grown ass man defending himself for killing a child, a child he even says gave him so much trouble, almost saying she deserved to die. It’s obvious that she became the target of a helpless man’s self-pity and ensuing bitterness and rage. But worst thing today isn’t even this story. I was telling someone about it this morning and without knowing 2 cents about the case, he responds, “Well, is he wrong? Kids these days can be bad.” Before I could get myself together from that, he asks me if I believe in spanking and discipline. Clearly, he didn’t know an iota of this unique case of torture and abuse. Nevertheless when I tried to explain it to him, he still defended the possibility that in essence, the child deserved to be tied to a chair at night, molested, beaten and killed. Just a spankin gone awry to him I guess. Little does he know, Rodriguez was raised as a beaten child too, claiming his mother beat him until her arms were numb. So I guess I’ll be seeing this guy’s face in the papers 20 years from now for killing his child, too. That is, if ACS still hasn’t gotten its shit together.

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